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The Labouring Man's Daughter

(Trad. Arr. Karan Casey)

A nobleman's son, he dreamed such a dream
Of the beautifulest girl in the nation
No counsel would he take, but journeys he'd make
Through Ireland to seek this fair creature

'Twas seven long years he searched here and there
'Til he came to the place where he'd meet her
He opened the door and she stood on the floor
She was a laboring man's daughter

I never have seen you but once in my life
And that was in a dream, you lay by me
And now you're beside me, by the look in your eyes
I know that you ne'er will deny me

And what's your desire, pray tell me, kind sir
That you're so afraid of denial?
Although I am poor, no scorn will I endure
Do not put me under such trial

No scorn will I bring, nor any such thing
And he took out a ring as a token
Oh love is a thing which does hang on a string
But between us it ne'er will be broken

And if I should consent your bride for to be
Your parents would both be offended
Besides they would always be frowning on me
Because you are highly descended

For father and for mother I have none in this world
I have none but myself and a brother
And as for my friends, they will not frown on me
So we can but love one another

So now they has gained what love and delight
And they are living in joy and plenty
The laboring man's daughter has married a knight
Heaven protect them both together