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One, I Love

(Jean Ritchie)

Chorus (after each verse)
One, I love
Two, she loves
And three, she's true to me

All of my friends fell out with me
Because I kept your company
Let them say whatever they will
I love my love with a free good will

They tell me he's poor, they tell me he's young
I tell them all to hold their tongue
If they could part the sand from the sea
They never could part my love from me

It's over the mountain he must go
Because his fortune is too low
With an aching heart and a troubled mind
He's leaving his own true love behind

When I'm awake, I find no rest
Until his head lies on my breast
When I'm asleep I'm dreaming of
My one, my dear, my own true love

And when the fire to ice will run
When the tide no longer turns
When the rocks melt with the sun
My love for you will have just begun