Karan cover pic

Roger The Miller

(Trad. Arr. Karan Casey, John Doyle, Seamus Egan & Winifred Horan)

Young Roger the miller came courting of late
To a farmer's fine daughter called beautiful Kate
She had for her fortune a many fine things
Beautiful silks and gold, diamonds and rings
Her father, he gave her a neat plot of ground
She had also a fortune, she had also a fortune of five hundred pounds

Then the money and supper, they both were laid down
Well, it was a great sight to see five hundred pounds
The sight of that money and beauty likewise
Made Roger's heart greedy and dazzled his eyes
"Now that your daughter and money is here
'Tis I will not have her, 'tis I will not have her without that gray mare"

Then the money and supper were taken from sight
And likewise young Kathy, his own heart's delight
Roger was taken and shown out the door
And ordered not for to come there anymore
'Twas then he did tear at his long yellow hair
Saying, "I wish I had never, I wish I had never spoke of that gray mare"

Now it was when six months, they were over and past
And Roger the miller, he met with his lass
"I think I do know you then, madam," said he
"I am the same way with you, sir," said she
"A man with your features with fine yellow hair
Oh he once came a-courting, he once came a-courting my father's gray mare"

"Well, it was not a-courting the gray mare I came
But you, my own jewel, my Kathy by name
I thought that your father would never dispute
To give me the gray mare with you to boot
And not to risk lose such a dutiful son
Oh it's now I am sorry, it's now I am sorry for what I have done"

"For your sorrow, young Roger, I have little regard
For there's plenty of men in this town to be had
If you forgot the gray mare, you'd be married, you see
But now you have neither the gray mare nor me
The price of that mare, it was never so great
Oh fare you well, Roger, oh fare you well, Roger, you're a sorrowful state"

Now Roger's away to his desolate home
And he sighs as he sits there and sups all alone
Kathy, she sings, she is happy and gay
She has wed a young miller who works the long day
Lads, when you're courting, be always aware
To court with a young maid, to court with a young maid and not the gray mare